Canndr® Announces Real-time Stock Availability Feature for UK Medicinal Cannabis Patients and Health Care Professionals

Canndr® is releasing a real-time stock availability feature for UK medical cannabis patients. No more endless calls to multiple pharmacies, no more return trips to clinics for alternative prescriptions – reliable information about essential medication for patients and health care professionals. Using the Canndr® app, users select the prescribed product to view real-time stock availability at various pharmacies. Patients and their health care professionals can swiftly locate their medication and get it dispensed without unnecessary delays. We are working to onboard even more pharmacies, aiming for comprehensive coverage that guarantees patients can always find their prescribed medicine.

Canndr® Launches Comprehensive Clinic Formulary Listings for Enhanced Patient Visibility

At Canndr®, we understand the complexities and frustrations that UK medicinal cannabis patients face when trying to find the right treatment. To address these challenges, we are excited to introduce our latest feature: Comprehensive Clinic Formulary Listings. This groundbreaking addition focuses on providing complete visibility of each clinic’s formulary to patients, a resource that has been sorely lacking until now.