Canndr® Launches Comprehensive Clinic Formulary Listings for Enhanced Patient Visibility

At Canndr®, we understand the complexities and frustrations that UK medicinal cannabis patients face when trying to find the right treatment. To address these challenges, we are excited to introduce our latest feature: Comprehensive Clinic Formulary Listings. This groundbreaking addition focuses on providing complete visibility of each clinic’s formulary to patients, a resource that has been sorely lacking until now.

Unprecedented Transparency for Patients

For the first time, patients can access detailed formulary listings for a growing number of cannabis clinics in the UK directly through the Canndr app. This new feature empowers patients with critical information, allowing them to make informed decisions before their consultations.

Key Benefits for Patients:

  • Visibility of Formulary: Patients can see exactly what medicines are available at participating clinics, eliminating guesswork and ensuring they choose a clinic that offers the treatments they need.
  • Informed Consultations: With access to formulary data, patients can enter their consultations prepared, ready to discuss specific products with their doctors.
  • Review and Insights: Alongside formulary information, patients can read reviews from others who have used these medicines, gaining insights into their efficacy and side effects.

How the New Feature Works

Formulary Listings: Each participating clinic’s formulary is now visible within the Canndr app, detailing the available medicinal cannabis products. 

This transparency allows patients to:

  • Explore Available Treatments: Review all medicines that a clinic can prescribe, helping them select the right clinic for their needs.
  • Compare Options: Easily compare different clinics based on their formulary, ensuring they choose the one that best suits their medical requirements.
  • Plan Ahead: Prepare for consultations by knowing which treatments to discuss, leading to more productive and personalised medical advice.

Ongoing Expansion of Listings

While not all clinics in the UK are currently listed, Canndr® is actively reaching out to clinics to expand the number of participating providers. We have already onboarded a handful of clinics and are continuously working to add more. If a clinic’s products are not yet listed, patients can simply click the “Request” button on the clinic’s Canndr® page to prompt the clinic to add their formulary. This sends an email to the clinic, encouraging them to join Canndr®. With community support, we believe we can bring all clinics on board.

Benefits for Clinics 

While the main focus is on empowering patients, clinics also gain significant advantages by registering and listing their formulary on Canndr:

  • Increased Patient Engagement: Visibility on Canndr® attracts more patients who are specifically looking for the treatments your clinic offers.
  • Efficient Consultations: Patients come prepared, making consultations more efficient and focused on specific treatments.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Clinics that provide transparent and detailed formulary information build trust and credibility within the patient community.

Registering and Listing Your Formulary

Clinics can easily register and list their products on Canndr®, ensuring their formulary is always up-to-date and accessible to patients:

  • Registration: Clinics can register on Canndr® and start listing their products.
  • Manage Listings: Keep your formulary current with real-time updates, ensuring patients always see the latest available treatments.
  • Direct Interaction: Engage with patients through reviews and feedback, enhancing the patient-clinic relationship.

A Major Step Forward for the UK Medicinal Cannabis Sector

The introduction of comprehensive formulary listings is a significant advancement for the UK medicinal cannabis sector. By providing patients with detailed, transparent information about available treatments, Canndr® is helping to create a more informed and empowered patient community.

Join the Movement

We invite all patients and clinics to explore this new feature and experience the benefits of increased transparency and better-informed medical consultations. Download the Canndr® app today and take control of your medicinal cannabis journey with confidence and clarity.